Thursday, 29 March 2012

Vogue Magazine colour trend visualisations

Vogue magazine covers act as an ideal barometer for charting colour trends. These are by far the biggest colour trend visualisations I've attempted so far and in fact they're still a work in progress with a Vogue Italia version to come. From top to bottom is British Vogue, Vogue Paris and U.S. Vogue. Within each piece the small bar charts show the five most prominent colours, proportionally, in an individual Vogue cover. Each column is a year starting with September and working down to October at the bottom. The columns run from 1981 on the right working across to 2011 on the left. So that's 5 x 12 x 30 x 3 colours in total! (with the exception of a few covers which I couldn't find on the web and a few French ones that are duplicates) What's immediately obvious is the differences in overall national colour palettes. The most striking trend is the recent preference for paler colours, which is evident on all three charts. Seasonal trends are more subtle. The Paris edition is mostly published only 10 times a year which shows up as duplicated rows in August and January.

I'm looking forward to seeing what colours Italy brings. These are available to buy as fine art prints over at
CFPR Editions.