Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Vogue covers covered - colour trend visualisations

 British Vogue Covers 1981 - 2011
 Italian Vogue Covers 1981 - 2011
 Paris Vogue Covers 1981 - 2011
US Vogue Covers 1981 - 2011

For more info and how to purchase these colour timelines as limited edition prints please visit 
CFPR Editions.


  1. Is there duplicate rows for Paris Vogue?
    Italian Vogue seems much more definite in using a multi issue run of using white predominately.

    Is it possible to show preference in tone and hue? eg British pinks, Italian greens?
    A Daisychain like app visualisation of usage and proportion of colors would be great to see.
    Amazing and interesting work, thank you!

  2. Well spotted Tom! Paris vogue is published (mostly) ten times a year with double issues in Dec/Jan and Jul/Aug. The French sure know how to do holidays! The italian edition was 11 a year until 1991.

  3. Visually stunning and clever!

  4. Wow, I'm loving your work, Arthur! I wish I had seen this Vouge piece before making my similar piece: 10 years of Best Seller Book Covers

    Great minds think alike, I guess! Glad I found your blog =)

  5. Thanks James - thats very kind. Let me know if you'd like to collaborate sometime

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