Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Visualising Colour Trends

'Paris Vogue Covers 1981 - 2011' (Detail)

REACT at the Watershed Bristol's amazing Pervasive Media Studio have just announced funding for a new research project that sees myself and Dr Paul Laidler working together to explore the field of colour trend visualization. The collaboration will investigate target audiences and scope the development of easy-to-use software to engage users with the world around them through colour. Hold tight for more updates!


  1. Exciting! Looking forward to the result!

    I'm musing about re-visiting my analysis of book covers based on some wonderful conversations/feedback I had. We should definitely chat about a possible collaboration if you're still interested!

    1. james - we are running an online focus group as part of this project. Drop me a brief email if you like to participate.

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