Thursday, 8 May 2014


Students at 'Proof' UWE Print Centre Staff Show reading a Colourstory. 

Building on everything we learned during last year's REACT funded feasibility study I'm very excited to have founded Colourstory Ltd. in January this year. 

"The Colourstory apps allow users to automatically create, share and play beautiful abstract representations of their lives using colours extracted from their photo albums. Colourstory is fun, easy to use and thought provoking."

The apps and website are currently under construction, so in the meantime follow @colourstoryapp on twitter for daily updates, artworks and quizzes. 

This has been made possible by residencies at WebStart Bristol, who are based in The Engine Shed and The Pervasive Media Studio at Watershed. For more info pease don't hesitate to get in touch. 


  1. HI Arthur! I want to work on a project with you. please email me thanks


  2. my email is here just above profile pic >

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